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NFT Holders

What Utility has been organized so far for Holders

The utility & perks of giveaways for holders of the Tomorrowland NFT

Since the launch of the first NFT collection: A Letter from the Universe, a range of initiatives have been organized for the holders of the Tomorrowland NFT, an overview from April '22 to today:

1. 3 Secret gigs during Tomorrowland Winter at a secret location with Kölsch, Lost Frequencies & Joris Voorn

2. Raffle of 2 Full Madness packages, including VIP & Camping for Tomorrowland Belgium '22

3. Introduction of The Library, the Discord channel exclusively for holders only

4. An invitation to an exclusive, never done before Night before opening tours for holders who subscribed

5. A giveaway of 20 exclusive Tomorrowland Solo Vida Sparkling Wine Bottles

6. Pre-access to the New TML By Tomorrowland fashion Collection

7. Giveaway of 10 Fashion packages of the TML By Tomorrowland Collection

8. Raffle of 5 exclusive Tomorrowland 5 LP Vinyl Boxes

9. 50 DUO Tickets to CORE Festival in Brussels

10. CORE NFT Airdrop To all holders who subscribed

11. Pre-sale acces to the Tomorrowland Belgium '22 Voucher sale

12. The launch of 100 NFT Tickets for Tomorrowland '22

13. 5 DUO tickets to Tomorrowland presents: Eric Prydz HOLO

14. 15 tickets to a new and secret Tomorrowland project '22

15. 10 DUO tickets to an exclusive party with Adidas in Paris

16. Pre-sale acces to the Tomorrowland Winter '23 sale

There's more to come. Follow the Tomorrowland NFT channels to stay up-to-date.