Tomorrowland is not responsible for
the investment decisions you make
based on the information provided on the Website.
All trading strategies are used at your own risk.


  • Try logging out and back in on Matrica. Then unlink and re-linking your Discord account. Make sure that your NFT(s) are not listed on MagicEden. If you still have any issues, please reach our team via #server-support.

  • Mobile: Use the built-in browser inside the Phantom app (This is the globe icon on the bottom right).
    Desktop: Make sure to use Google Chrome and have the Phantom wallet extension installed.

  • Phantom brings you a fast and easy way to buy SOL in-app. You can now directly buy or transfer SOL using MoonPay, Coinbase, Binance accounts or any other exchanges, to your Phantom Wallet.

  • During allowlist sales, credit cards are not allowed and can be only used during public sales with Crossmint (included on MagicEden). For buying NFT(s) on the secondary market, you can use your Solana wallet or your credit card.

  • Visa or Mastercard debit cards should be accepted, if there are issues please contact your bank.

  • Click the "Withdraw NFT to Solana" button on the FTX page for the specific NFT. There is a $0.25 withdrawal fee added on to each SOL NFT. You will need to have this balance available in USD (not SOL) in your FTX.us account.

  • Tomorrowland & Matrica require that your NFT(s) remain in your wallet, without an active sale listing  to be part of the library channel and giveaways. You’ll have to cancel the listing if you want to join the library back.

  • Phantom uses the Solana Token Registry to display token information. Information about CORE NFTs haven’t been sent yet to the Solana Token Registry. This NFT should stay on your FTX account.

Tomorrowland NFT

  • Yes, you can!

  • Tomorrowland has created 3 collections: 

    A Letter From Universe & The Reflection of Love, both are sold out, but you can still buy it on the secondary market on MagicEden. The third collection will be released in the near future. Mint price is still TBA.

  • Minting for the third collection is currently planned Q4 2022. 

  • The secondary market price depends on how much the user wants to sell it for.

  • Some perks require that you withdraw the NFT out of the exchange. For example the allowlists for pre-sales, giveaways, library channel on Discord, and more! To attend the secret gig during Tomorrowland festivals, you can keep your NFT on the exchange or move it to your Phantom wallet. Both work.

  • The medallion is a combination of the 3 collections which grants special privileges/utility: https://nft.tomorrowland.com/

    Once the medallion is available, benefits of the NFT collection will move over to medallion holders over single collection holders.

  • Yes! A new portal will be created which will allow you to stack your medallions.

  • This collection was available if you bought a Tomorrowland Weekend 1 2022 ticket with Solana. The collection is now only a souvenir, it has no benefit or provides no access to the festival.

  • You can keep the receipt as a souvenir, or burn it using the Phantom app.


  • All transactions made on the blockchain are final and irreversible. Unless you know the owner of the wallet, tokens sent to the wrong wallet address are most likely lost forever.

  • If you got scammed, sadly Tomorrowland can't do anything. Take a deep breath. It can happen to anyone. Take it as a lesson and be more secure about your funds. If you do want to take further actions. You can always contact the marketplace where it happened. Or contact a certain attorney and inform yourself.

  • If you receive a free NFT into your Phantom wallet, there is a 99% chance that it is a scam. You should never click on any link. If you login/sign a transaction to any scam website, your wallet can be fully withdrawn and you can lose all your assets.

  • Tomorrowland created a trash wallet where you can send your scam NFT. All NFT sent into the trash are burned in exchange for some Solana and given to the Tomorrowland Foundation as donation. The TML Trash wallet is tmltrash.sol or CxjMGSjrvNLKUj441mADACP7Nu7p79DYvkGQEAZDJfMA

  • Yes, you can if you have the last update on Phantom. You can also send your scam/fake NFT into the Tomorrowland trash wallet: tmltrash.sol.

    Each NFT burned from this wallet that gives some Solana, goes to the Tomorrowland foundation